161 N Jensen Rd.

Vestal, NY, 13850

161 N Jensen Rd. Vestal, NY, 13850

The Coach-Led Gym Designed For Rapid Results.

Our sole mission: To transform bodies and lives.

Biggest Hurdles:


How we can help: Around the clock communication with industry leading trainers. Daily tasks & weekly body scans to track progress.

Life Balance

How we can help: We guide clients towards a realistic balance for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


How we can help: We’ll design a plan for you that’s both effective and enjoyable. No more fad diets or sacrifices.


How we can help: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals working towards their own transformation.

About Benson Specialized Fitness

Everything you’ll need to transform, under one roof.

Our transformation program is tailored to each individual member. You will be paired with an expert coach that matches your style and needs. All ages, injury history, goals, fitness levels and experience are welcome!

Private Coaching

So we can focus on exactly what you need while keeping a close eye on your progress. Your coach will adjust your program as needed, keeping you in momentum!

Group Workouts

Bootcamp, Strength and Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, CORE, and more so you can burn a ton of calories each week while never seeing the same workout twice.

Nutrition Plans

Healthy nutrition plans based on the foods you enjoy. We teach you how to balance healthy foods with everyday life so you don’t put weight back on after your “diet” is over.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Weekly goal setting and tracking with our medical-grade Body Composition Analyzer to hold you accountable while also knowing exactly what’s happening with your body as it changes.

Mindful Yoga

Calming yoga classes to relax your body and mind. Learn to listen to your body and prevent injuries.

What Our Client Says:

"I started working out with Taylor 3 months ago after being away from the gym for almost 20 years. I was amazed at how quickly I saw results with my workouts and meal plan. Taylor keeps me motivated with his variety of exercises and his positive attitude. I encourage people of any age to give his gym a try!"

- Sue S.

"Started training here to get in shape and lose some weight for my wedding. Taylor was awesome to meet and got me started on a great nutrition program to accompany workouts. Notice I said NUTRITION and not DIET. Since training at BSF I am on track to meet my goals and going to the gym is something i genuinely look forward to instead of dreading. If you are ready to improve your health and fitness, look no further than Benson’s."

- Tyler S.

"Being a part of Benson Specialized Fitness has been an amazing opportunity on my journey to a healthier lifestyle! Taylor works with you to create a plan that allows you to make progress toward your goals and makes every workout challenging yet fun, always feeling accomplished when you finish one. I highly recommend joining Benson Specialized Fitness if you are looking for help meeting your fitness goals and living a healthier life."

– Megan C.

Schedule the perfect day and time to come into the gym. You’ll meet with our program director for a 1 on 1 consultation. We make this super simple, don't sweat it

We’ll learn all about you, and you’ll learn about our us. We’ll discuss the Transformation Program that makes the most sense based on your goals.

Once we’ve put together the perfect Transformation Program for YOU, we’ll introduce you to your Transformation Expert Coach who will be with you every step of the way. Together, you’ll get started.

Client experience:

Finding Benson Specialized Fitness has been a HUGE game changer for helping my fitness goals. I’ve been a member for a month now & I’m already starting to see results along with learning how to perform certain workouts correctly and efficiently. Taylor, has built a gym environment that is a no judgement free zone, clean, and fun! The time/effort Taylor takes for each of his clients is truly exceptional. If you have a specific goal, limited to what you can do, or just want to get on a health journey, you can trust Benson Specialized Fitness to help in any way.I am beyond excited to continue my fitness journey here! 💪🏽

Taylor is so much more than a trainer! He has created a sense of community at the gym for all of us. It is refreshing to be surrounded by a great work ethic and optimism. Taylor really hears what your goals and needs are , making sure to incorporate this into your training. I look forward to being at the gym and have seen the difference it is making ! Come join us and see for yourself 😊💪


How we can help: Around the clock communication with industry leading trainers. Daily tasks & weekly body scans to track progress.


How we can help: We guide clients towards a realistic balance for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


How we can help: Learn how to eat delicious foods while saving time, money, and getting results.

Hi! We're A Local Gym In Vestal, New York.

Choosing Benson Specialized Fitness means you have a direct line to me, your dedicated head trainer. No need to navigate through various trainers or styles—we streamline your fitness journey for a more personalized and effective experience. I'm here to understand your goals, tailor programs to your lifestyle, and provide the encouragement you need to achieve lasting results.

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How Much Are The Memberships?

Memberships at Benson Specialized Fitness vary depending on the individual.  Our transformation programs can include semi-private training, nutrition plans, recovery, and more!  Once we design the perfect program based on your goals and timeframe, we will go over the price.

Do I Need Prior Experience To Workout At Benson Specialized Fitness?

Not at all.  Our gym is designed for beginners to advanced, and we’re with you every step of the journey!

Do I Have To Commit To A Long-Term Membership?

Absolutely not!  The length of your membership is based on your goals and where you’re at now.  12 and 24 month memberships are NOT client-centric and our gym is all about our clients and their success!

I Want To Get Into Amazing Shape, But I’m Scared To Get Started.  Help!

We got you.  We understand getting started is the hardest part.  We’ll take it one step at a time.  Step 1, come in for a “no sweat intro” and have a chat with us.  No working out, no sales pitch, we’re just going to talk about your goals, that’s it.  If you’re excited about what we talk about, we’ll move on to Step 2.  No pressure, we’re coaches, and we’re here to help.

Ready To Get Started?

Discover How You Can Transform Your Body And Life With The Help Of A Transformation Expert Who Will Be With You Every Step Of Your Journey!

We KNOW You Have It In You! Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

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